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Thread: Amazing Artwork

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    Amazing Artwork

    I was surfing the web and came across a cool web page and it got me thinking what do you guys consider to be amazing artwork. Everyone has different taste and some vary more than others but I wanted to have a thread where people could post some artwork or links to sites that have such artwork they thought was amazing.

    Personally I have a wider range of taste but generally I like everything from nature scenes to sci fi as long as it is creative. I'm not really crazy on really abstract art with wild unrecognizable forms.

    I found this amazing web page with some really great Sci-fi art and they seem to update it and organize by month with wide selcetion.

    Here are some samples:

    This is just a small sample for anyone intrested the site has hundreds more:

    Post away

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    I've come across this before. Its simply amazing. The amount of detail in the design. Its like those production artworks for the starwars movies.

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    Ok found another interesting site they have alot more variety than the other site ranging from artwork of the retro 50's to sci fi to real life maps and pictures of strange and unusual things you may not find anywhere else.


    - Sleeping School girls (non pervy)

    - NASA's Orion project

    - French Maginot Line

    - Old Proposed 38 states of America

    - Reverse Ocean Map

    - Sci fi spider tank

    - Strange Tree Shapes

    - Anime on a jet!!

    - Curta Calculator ( mechanical calculator )

    The site is called Dark roasted blend & You can find these and more at:
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    awesome stuff POW, I used to have so many good sites, just don't bother anymore, mostly use Deviantart now.
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