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    lol r&b. Doesn't blues also have guitar in it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by WiSeMaN View Post
    Basically anything with a guitar...
    and before I get slamed by everyone on MS.(I mostly listen to R&B)
    Well, i hope you die

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    fuck brokencyde and 3o3h whatever

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    Hmmmmm...I gotta say that new Jay Sean song, which almost completely copied Chris Brown's "Forever". Seriously, listen to one, then the other, you'll notice the similarity.

    And not "Down", I meant his collab with Sean Paul.
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    Speak the hungarian rapper (i dont think the song has a name)

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    Anything by Lady Gaga. -_-"

    Let's get this party started.

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    Anything in Japanese, or Arabic.

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    Buffalo Stance-Neneh Cherry, or however you spell her goddamn name! my teacher made us listen to this song in class to bring back the good ol' 80's memories. i have never heard anything so crappy in my life

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    Anything in Japanese, or Arabic.
    Arabic ? i never herd an Arabic song

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    Quote Originally Posted by xXD3THKLOKXx View Post
    Fixed. Anyway, what's wrong with BrokeNCYDE? It's not that bad, I actually kind of like it, it's grown on me.
    Haha just saw this post...where to begin?

    Let's start with appearances.

    I want you to tell me who the fuck thinks they can dress like that and be awesome that isn't a complete tool. Oh wait, I met them at their merch booth at Warped Tour. They are complete tools and the singer's just a spoiled rich kid that used his daddy's money to make a band. Just looking at them pissed me off at first but after my brother and I listened to an entire CD for comparison we finally figured out why.

    Every single fucking song they do consists of them talking about their dicks and using aforementioned dicks to fuck their fans. The fact that most of their fans are teenage girls is just disturbing right there. But more to the point all songs have that same formula. Each song consists of them trying to convey this message by rapping and doing some hardcore screaming very badly.

    What the fuck is Crunkcore anyways? Sounds like a bad name for a soft drink.

    I challenge anyone here that has never heard them before to just TRY and get through one of their albums without being utterly disgusted. here, I'll start you off.

    Someone tell me what is going on in that video and why anything happens in it.

    The same album has a skit track where a man mistakenly calls another man asking for oral sex. It concludes with the first man actually reaching the girl he was attempting to speak to with her saying "Yeah, I wanna suck that daddy dick."

    I think I've justified my hatred of them to an acceptable extent now.

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