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    Quote Originally Posted by LeaT View Post
    You don't have to have seen the mask at ALL transformations to understand that it has changed. It is enough to have seen it once. She never makes a claim that all of the different versions were explained to her; she just states what she's been told. The only time when the mask really had just 2 stripes were at the very beginning but even back then, they were located on the far left upper corner, which is very different to how it looks like now with one stripe at each side crossing his eyes. The amount of stripes started to change with more the first time his hollow took over during the Byakuya fight. It is also most likely that it is that mask she was told about, and there is no doubt that it has of course changed since then, even if what Byakuya saw was an impartial version of it (since it started to grow but wasn't finished).

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    No, because if you check out the Mask thread there is still a significant difference between each version.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Namvel View Post
    Rukia has never seen his mask to even make distinctions like that, it's all bull to appease the popularity poll.

    Hanatarou has seen his mask, Yoruichi has seen it, Orihime, Uryuu, Urahara, Jintai, Ururu, Tessai, Grimmjow, Neliel, Byakuya (with the what the f**k expression), Ulquiorra, Yammy, Menoli and Lenoli.

    come to think of it, Ichigo has never even used his hollow power in front of Rukia directly. Kubo is way off on this.

    p.s., you can't put the anime (especially the filler arc) in with the manga, doesn't count.
    In the manga, I don't think he used it in front of regular S.S Shinigami other then Byakuya that one time. Could be that Rukia has been talking to the Vizards or the Urahara shop crew.

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