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    bah. this chapter was bullsh!t. We have already done the Ichigo not being able to control his hollow powers. Super lamesauce. Kubo had a chance to do something new and have Ichigo utterly pwn an opponent with his new powers and have some sort of other new problem come up like becoming a cold hearted killer or something, but noooOOOooo. same old sh!t, different chapter I guess.

    So to recount the character progression for Ichigo, the main character, for this whole arrancar/HM war arc has amounted to Ichigo starting it by having new hollow powers and being emo cuz he can't control them, goes through this whole ordeal to gain control and train with his new hollow powers. And looky here at what is assumedly the end, we are back at square one, with Ichigo with new hollow powers and he is emo cuz he can't control them. Waste of a story arc as far as character progression goes imo.

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    Man, this week was a letdown...How much do you wanna bet that Kubo will drag this fight out until next Spring?

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    this chapter was good because, imo, ichigo showed that hes a changed man from all those fights that he had. And I agree with most people about how he never finishes battles, but at least he admitted he doesnt have to be on the same power lvl as others, instead its his determination.

    We all know that heart > strength in mangas ^^ So cut Ichigo some slack

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    It Was Boring Till The End It Was Kind Of Unexpecting

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    I'm wondering what the point of this fight is.

    Could be that Kubo wants to Emphasize the "feelings" having a dramatic effect on the Mask, and thusly, Ichigo won't seem overpowered when he gets back to the real world, having been prepared and learning from this faillure.

    If I'm right this current fight won't last very long. Ichigo will likely rejoin the fight, blowing what's left of Yammy away, before they all go charging back to the real world.

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    I overall liked this chapter. I think if your going to complain every week how bad a chapter was don't bother reading the manga again. Anyway, like with all new powers you have to learn how to use them properly, you really expected Ichigo to own yammy that quick come on people its not going to be that easy. His hollow transformation is changing somehow, ie the way the new mask looks, I just think it means, and mention it already that he will have to relearn how to control it but he may have to do it a new way.

    I liked Yammy's expressions through this whole chapter especially when he got hit the Byakuya's Hado. Am amp to see the cooperation between Kenpachi and Byakuya in next weeks chapter, even though those two don't like each other their team up will be a good one.

    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post

    I wonder why Ichigos new mask wont activate maybe he has to relearn how to control it or its because hes afraid of it so until he masters that fear he cant use it.
    I thinking the same thing that he might have to relearn how to control it, but I think might be totally different than what the vizards taught him, but that's just me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shock View Post
    I want to see some awesome new Bakudo (binding techniques), kinda tired of seeing the same old Hado. It would be cool to see some super high level holding technique pin down Yammi and have Kenpachi slice him up
    I think the next time you will see a new one will probably come from Aizen. Remember what he did to komomura at the end of the SS arc and what he did in the pendulum arc, he did two techinques we never saw before. That's what am thinking anyway, maybe Byakuya will pull out a new one.

    Quote Originally Posted by veLocity- View Post

    We all know that heart > strength in mangas ^^ So cut Ichigo some slack

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    Not as bad as the Spoilers made it out to be. Damned spoilers. It wasn't what I had of hoped for, but at least I get to see Yammi get a leg chopped off. Only... Five to go, right? :\
    Anyway, I look forward to the next chapter and hopefully something new and exciting will pop up! Though, I bet I'm expecting waaaaay too much!

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    It's was a pretty good Chapter. What's up with his mask though?

    I say battle ends next chapter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emirii View Post
    It's was a pretty good Chapter. What's up with his mask though?

    I say battle ends next chapter.
    I really doubt it. What I think will happen is it will switch back to the vizard vs. espada battle. Leaving the Kenpachi+Byakuya vs. Yammi as a cliffhanger.

    I know, it sucks, but it'll probably happen.

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    Holy shit mann! The chapter was going good. Ichigo is going to have to train with his mask all over again! But the last page did it for me. Zaraki and Byakuya?!? Amazing.
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