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    Quote Originally Posted by tatsukai1990 View Post
    of course there are some characters i wish was there, i.e. Yusuke, Sesshoumaru, etc., but i generally agree with most of the characters chosen, but not the order.
    Yeah, I'm actually very surprised InuYasha or Sesshomaru especially weren't there. Sess is a huge fan fav.
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    WHAT! NO! SASUKE! GRRR !! Aha Sike .. i think L was listed a little to high

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    that list blows and is way off,, they must have been drunk when putting that list together


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    Quote Originally Posted by iBankai View Post
    Yeah, I'm actually very surprised InuYasha or Sesshomaru especially weren't there. Sess is a huge fan fav.
    Sesshomaru just looked cool. As far as the anime was concerned, he never really did too much. So I can understand why he didn't make the list based on their criteria (IGN - "Our criteria for selection involved a little bit of everything – each character's lasting fame, the impact they had on the medium and their particular genre at the time, the depth and quality of their realization on screen, and of course, a little bit of personal taste"). Keeping all that in mind as I read through the list, I agree with a lot of their picks. If it were a "Favorites" list, I would never understand how Astroboy or Speedracer made their list lol.

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    Seriously astroboy n speeder? Ok u know i might be able to forgive astro boy since its basically an icon but speeder? Seriously wats it doing so high up there? But im glad Light n Lelouch made it there haha..haruhi n elric as well! Maybe this list was kinda old but damn where is jiraiya n itachi??? Honestly in the hundred over characters introduced in naruto jiraiya really stands out among them all cause those 2 simply broke out of manga stereotypes n u dont really have any other character else there quite like them. In fact i would put them over naruto really...Anw im glad too that kenshin is there that guy was simply...awesome.

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    hmm the list feels kinda..... bland.

    Characters like speed and astro boy were put so high up on the list for the reason that they were the most popular during their era and had been around for a long time since then. Hence, they are now considered "classics" even though they pale in comparison in design, depth, asskicking ect with the modern characters in the new era. Nevertheless, these old classical characters easily beats the new modern characters in popularity and they deserve some credits for that. A lot of people might disagree, but being a "classic" is just not a good enough reason for me that they are so high up. They should be put somewhere lower down the list imo.

    Now onto the subjective part
    I don't mind them putting goku on the number 1 slot. I know this is an 'anime' list but after reading all 42 volumes of dragon ball manga, I would probably put goku (and vegeta) somewhere really high up in my own personal list as well since they both are really bad asses.
    I would consider Raito and L to be high up there after kenshin. They should also put some great villains on the list, some gundam characters and some from sport animes as well.

    I would not put luffy on the list. He is the most obnoxious shonen hero ever, even more irritating than kid naruto in his loud mouth mode. And I'm not really a big fan of sailormoon and Lelouch either.

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    I really wish they would have stuck to one character per series. It's more fair and would have given a lot of awesome other characters a chance to shine. I can see how they were doing the list, trying to include characters whose series had been released and dubbed in English, but I'm surprised that there's so many missing. No one from a Gundam series? Seriously?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arisato-kun View Post
    I can see how they were doing the list, trying to include characters whose series had been released and dubbed in English
    That's it, It's not a "top 25 of all time", it's a "top 25 characters that appeared on cartoon network".
    If it was out of all anime characters, pretty much none of the ones on the list should be there.

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    No Kamina? /facepalm

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