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    Well, i scanned two old drawings of mine

    Click Here to Enlarge

    Click Here To Enlarge

    New Drawing

    Click Here To Enlarge
    Man...i procrastinated so much on this Mainly because i left a small part blank for a while because I didn't know what to add(Now it's the pile of skulls with a Vulture standing over them).

    I got inspiring from this from Black Sabbath's Heaven and Hell album. It also symbolizes me because i used to be really into Christianity, but then around the age of 12, i just gave up. So i wanted to draw something that would really represent me. The skull behind the Angel symbolizes well, death of course, and reason i made it look like her head is going to be eaten is because it represents that time is coming, which is why her "head hasn't been eaten". The lightning is because even though I'm not a Christian or have any sort of religious, I think that if there was a God, he would be mad at me lol. The dead tree is just adding symbolism to me not believing in Christianity, the snake is the evil trying to tempt me, which The bright, alive, and tasty looking apple represents that I still feel like i do believe in something, but..i don't know what to believe. lol. Crows are there to make it look awesome, and make it look darker. The Vulture, same He's there opening his mouth cause he's hungry lol I don't know. Any who, yeah...Added a piece here n there cause my main goal was to draw something that would be in the field of Graffiti but also make an actual image out of it, not just a piece and that's all. I think i did sort of well for my first attempt, right? lol

    This was drawn and inked over with:
    Prisma Color pens (005, 01, 03, 05, 08)


    (C) Wes Benscoter

    EDIT: I just noticed...the fucking scanner didn't scan the vulture's head...FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU

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