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    One Piece Kuma to return to normal

    I was thinking, could iva turn kuma back to normal?

    Kuma's body was modified by the WG but could iva use his hormones to turn him back to normal? Could Iva also use a brain stimulation hormone to return kuma's memories? Or is kuma really gone for good?

    What do you guys think?

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    I doubt Ivankov's hormones could restore Kuma's body back to the way it was (ie. Human flesh).

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    Yup, gotta agree with afro thunda. His body being mechanised is causing the problem.
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    But I wonder if kuma's inner body parts are already been made in metal(harder than metal). Coz if that is so, then Ivankov will really have a hard time doing hormone stuff on him. If he is what they call a miracle man, then this test will prove him to be considered his name as a miracle man.


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    I don't think there will be a way back for him.

    I believe as a last act/move he will do some thing that good old Kuma would have done.

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    "He'll be back" - in Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice. Remember that he was normal until just 2 days ago, which means after the incidence at Shabondy Archipelago, he was turned into completely machine.
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    It's Vegapunk that did the whole thing. I don't think it's possible.
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    I wouldn't decide that "turning back" is impossible, even if he has been 'Pacifista-fied'. There may still be a shred of the old Kuma left, though this is mostly due to him being a homage to the Terminator.

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    dont really care at this point if he will turn back or not, the qestion is what kinda deal did he make with the WG

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    I believe Vegapunk is the rival for Chopper (such as Mihawk for Zoro), so Chopper fixing him back would be plausible. If he really helped the Straw Hats with some kind of plan back in Shabondy, he's not going to just fall down in this war, we're getting more Kuma than that.

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