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    Uchiha's "Real" Purpose

    I've GOT IT..ITS OBVIOUS!!!!! MADARA IS LIKE THE KYUUBI BUT ONLY MANIFESTS HIMSELF IN THE STRONGEST UCHIHA"S like (SASUKE AND ITACHI ) itachi wud have been the first vessel "thus his statement bout testing his "container". It is passed down from generation to generation and itachi didnt want the same fate for sasuke thus killed off the family for this secret...but some way along the way Madara inhabited another Uchiha ...("TOBI")

    I believe that the UCHIHA true puspose is to obviously produce the best suitable container for "MADARA" ......just like sasuke wud have been for orochimaru...itachi wud have obviously been the next vessel ..him not being chosen coincides with him killing off the clan(if it was actually him leaning towards tobi" and if it was itachi it was for a good reason to protect sasuke) And it is also obvious that itachi knows about tobi ..Now the references...Through out manga 221 -225 its quite obvious

    Chapter 221 page19.." well ..were just, unique siblings" "inoder to overcome your barriers you and i have to continue living together" "even if it means hating each other" "thats what being and older brother means" ( ITACHI CLEARLY LOVES SASUKE)

    Then when itachi was about to beat the police force sasuke said stop and itachi appologised ...obvious love man..
    then when sasuke came home after classes and ran home itachi said to him" dont come in" chapter 224 page 12 other words he didnt want sasuke to see what im guessing that tobi killed everyone in order to receive MADARA...and besides even for itachi it wud be impossible to kill an entire clan without a drop of blood on him ..TOTAL guess it was tobi sittin on that poll..and in the latest manga tobi said "my power, UCHIHA MADARA's Power"

    oh yea itachi also declined a crucial mission in oder to get his father to go to sasukes entrance ceremony "and he hates his brother?" doubt that..

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