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    Quote Originally Posted by ·Rokudaime Sennin· ™ View Post
    I really see no good future for this thread either but here goes, I'll make up the rules, see if I can save it.

    Strongest Shinobis:

    1. Pain/Nagato
    2. Madara
    3. Itachi/Jiraiya
    4. Naruto/Sasuke
    5. Kisame

    Favorite Characters:

    you know what, just graveyard the damn thing already, POW'S right. I can make a better thread and I think I will.
    And I will be there... to troll said thread. Seriously I can't think of anything either.

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    Well let's just graveyard it then. We already have enough 'who is the strongest' and 'who is your favorite' threads.

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