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    Gaming Lagoon

    So, I'm back, who missed me. >_> Anyways, I'm here to introduce to you, Gaming Lagoon! D:

    (message me if you would like the referral link, it would be nice of you to sign up using that. :3)

    Basically, it's something for people who don't have jobs, a way for them to get money for the games they play, or gaming accessories, etc. If we've got an World of War*craft here, then you can pay for your monthly WoW bill using this website.


    Basically, you have to sign up using real info because they confirm your number by calling you/and having you call them, and they mail your prize to you.

    I suggest using your cell phone.

    Anyways, once you're all signed up and confirmed you can start filling out offers for points that you can use to buy prizes. 1 point=$1 USD.

    I suggest doing the 100% free offers that give 1 point or more.

    I've gotten 20k NX Cash in the mail from this site already D: and I'm waiting for 1 more to come. (equivalent to 20 dollars)

    On the offers, use fake info so that they don't actually mail you all that crap and stuff. I would advise using a SPAM email account to sign up for this stuff so your real email doesn't get tons of crap.

    If you need any more help, lemme know D:
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    I don't think there are any firm rules about advertising here and I don't really care much as long as it isn't spammy. However, the referral tag in the original link left me doubting your intentions in helping people out with whatever it is that site can give you. I haven't looked at the site but I assume it has a MLM type scheme going, where you refer leads and get points/money/whatever.

    I've edited your link and I'll be updating the rules so there is no confusion about our stance in the future.

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    D; well of course the referral link get's me extra money, so yes, there is a scheme of sorts, but I did make a quick check to the rules to see that this wasn't bending any, before I posted. I get 15% of my referrals earned money (not taking any away from them, but getting extra for me), and 1.5% of my referral's referral's money. Could I just post both links, and if they choose to use the referral link, that's their choice?

    edit: I'm going to take your silence as a yes.

    edit: but I'm going to take the revised rules I just read as a no.
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