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    Talking Is Kishimoto going to do more with the other 9 of the Konoha 12

    I know the story has lead characters(team 7), but I think Kishimoto should have developed the other 9 of the Konoha 12. I feel if they are all chuunin he should show them doing leaps above what they could do as genin 3 years ago.

    Hinata should doing 64 plams now (and can you believe they had her screaming in the Arc2 filler fight with Nurari, WTF Hinata ain't no punk).

    Neji is jonin I want to see him manipulate chakra.

    Ino shouldn't be a damn medical nin, she is a Yamanaka for christsake.

    Kiba should be able to do something besides ride his dog and sense better than a dog.

    Tenten was good in the filler but she still deserves more props and a last name.

    Shino and Lee were pretty awesome in filler, Shikamaru and Chouji were alway pretty tight against Sai and Hidan, so I guess can't complain too much.

    What do you think?

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    I dont care about them

    lets finish main plot and then maybe some fillers

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