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    Quote Originally Posted by xioaxioa View Post
    Luffy's got someone, why not Zoro? That would really piss Sanji off.
    not anymore. sanji's now a newkama

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    zoro and nami and franky so far seem to have landed in the most relevant places in terms of their position and goal as a straw hat. the zoro cover is interesting and I agree also that it may have something to do with mihawk. I hope zoro's story get some explanation since he is 1st mate after all and almost as strong as luffy he needs to get some time on his side also. the other straw hat pirates dnt really seem that relevant in terms of whats going on right now with whitebeard
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    What a disapponited! Luffy still cann't use Haki

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    This line got me thinking, and it hit my head that Whitebeard knows that he's about to die and he'll never make it as Pirate King. Then he met Ace and knew that Ace is Roger's son soo then he molded Ace to become the next generation Pirate King. But then he met up with Luffy who said that he'll be the Pirate King.

    Whitebeard: I don't mind you coming for my head, but you know...
    What are you going to do with all those marines afterwards? There's way too many for you.
    To be honest, I'm having trouble with them too.
    Hey why don't we pirates band together against the marines?
    You can come for my head after that.
    What's interesting is that both Ace and Luffy's goal in the future is to aim for the Top. Whitebeard saw Luffy and Ace as Him and Roger when they were at their Prime's both of 'em has what it takes to be at the Top.

    I think I had too much coffee.. God I can't wait for the next 5 chapters of this battle.
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    smoker's statments on haki seem to imply that haki ain't that popular even in the new world as some could have imagined. we also haven't seen none of the NW captains, other shichis, marine's etc using it in this war. if luffy were to learn how to use his haoushoku haki he could well be on par with some of the top fighters there.

    i think that luffy can only get significantly stronger only if he masters his haki, his df seems to have reached a limit somehow!

    it seems he'll get to learn using it from hancock.

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    I just love this gag where the pirates are overrating Buggy. I hope they keep it up and they become his new crew. I can actually see them getting far up in the ranks with that kind of motivation. Does anyone else think Buggy will get a higher bounty?

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