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    Mangashare's Weekly(Hopefully Consistent) Song Battle #7

    Welcome to the MS's seventh weekly song battle! I have returned....again!

    The song battle consists of two songs pitted against each other for you the users to vote for which song is better. The voting period will be open for this week (September 26 -October 3) with the last two days being open for song requests. You have the entire week to vote so listen to the song, get a feel for it, and vote!

    Today I've got Kid Cudi and Lupe Fiasco. Just a little something to get back in the flow of things. I need your song requests people! You're what makes this go and if I don't have many requests you may not like it! Also I apologize for my absence!

    "Make Her Say"-Kid Cudi vs. "I Gotcha"-Lupe Fiasco

    Discussion Rules:

    ~All discussion will be done in this thread.
    ~NO FLAME! Keep your useless comments to yourself.
    ~All song requests can either be sent to me through PM or VM.
    ~Ideas as to how to better improve this thread or to add certain elements can be posted in the original thread: Mangashare's Weekly Head-to-Head Song Battle or PM me.

    Side Note: There will be two different songs each week with a final tournament with each week's winner for song of the year.
    ~If you don't like the song then request one of your own!
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    I Gotcha, was pretty good. The lyrics and singing style were pretty generic, but the backgrounds were top notch. I enjoyed the listen.

    Make Her Say, was horrible. It was really just repition of a mediocre line of music. I have to say that something like this, something that requires almost no talent, is undeserving of the title of music.

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    I'm just votin' for I Gotcha 'cuz I'm a fan of Lupe Fiasco, but I've heard some bad stuff about Make Her Say anyway, so...

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    Both songs are sorta very mainstream but im gonna go with "i gotcha" the neptunes beats always win aha (jp). "make er say" its just i didn't like it because kanye sampled a song that came out the same year usually he samples old songs

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