Chapters 609 and 610 have challenged the reader's faith in the good guys' ability to triumph. An immortal Madara in possession of Hashirama's power, a warped minded Obito empowered by gifts and conceit of Madara, but most frighteningly, an emerging juubi that while incomplete, has incomprehensible power and is seemingly beyond vulnerability of any conventional attack. To make matters worse, the juubi was called and is bent to the will of Madara and Obito. Good grief!

It seems, though, that the good guys must not simply triumph over impossible odds but that the bad guys must commit error in order to lose!

So, we are sitting on two huge mistakes in Madara's judgement that can come into play at anytime and change the game.

1) Madara does not have a way of gathering or using natural energy on his own. At best he must do it on some level through the juubi itself.

2) He defines and recognizes the tailed beasts as something less than a person and merely a coalescence of chakra that must obey.

These two mistakes, especially when considered together, demonstrate Madara's severe lack of understanding the forces he is trying to control. Even Kabuto recognizes the importance of using natural energy to reach the level of power the rikoudo wielded, Kabuto also learned much of the secret knowledge through hypothesis with Orochimaru that Madara learned in some respects, "effortlessly" through direct contact with the stone tablet.

Naruto not only has a technique for utilizing natural energy but also has given the tailed beasts the recognition and respect as persons that Naruto himself suffered without. Naruto has already with the bijuu come to an understanding of each others side and ended that cycle of hate. When and how that will manifest in the struggle with the juubi is anyone's guess but with such a dramatic amount of natural energy gathered in the juubi, it seems like a blank canvas to me but which of the shinobi is the most qualified artist to give it shape and color?

As amazing as Madara was in getting this far he really screwed the pooch by not fully understanding or recognizing the power he tries to control. Such a disrespectful ambition will cost him dearly no matter if he succeeds in capturing the 8 and 9 tails and completing the juubi.

The mistakes don't end there, his pupil and protoge, Obito, is every second becoming a wild card. A wild card with some of the same crucial powers Madara has.

Madara is arrogantly picking dismissing the traits of defeated shinobi in the idea that winning a fight is the right way to measure power, arrogantly assuming his edo tensei form affords him absolute security (this is admittedly arguable).

For me, it's not a question of how can the good guys win but how much longer can the bad guys go on before that which they overlooked or dismissed comes into play and unravels all their effort. It's just a matter of time and naruto need only survive.

Oh, and as for Sasuke, his Kirin technique was a foreshadowing element of himself and natural energy. Natural energy need not be simply understood as sage chakra but as the raw force in every rock, tree, and river. A gathering storm cloud that offers a lighting strike as Sasuke needs it is clear demonstration that he is capable of a relationship with those forces and the reader can go all day scaling the significance of sasuke 's kirin to possibilities of steering the juubi using the same principles.