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    Smile Naruto Shippuden Episode 127-128

    Naruto Shippuden Episode 127-128


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    Wow thanks for this amazing episodes

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    Damn! This is amazing! The added scenes were also thirst quenching! yeah!

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    What a great episode! They set the table for the upcoming fight and it seems there will be no fillers. Looking forward to that fight, despite its outcome =(

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    Agreed... most of the time Naruto gets me in a bad mood, but this episode was really good, not to mention that they're sticking to the manga and it's moving faster than what i expected... I hop they keep up the good work

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    5/5, I'm getting so excited about the future events. And I loved the "akatsuki" theme music when nagato appeared with his Rinnegan. Gave me the chills.

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    Awesome episodes in the last couple of weeks, I also liked this one too.
    They're moving forward very fast, I'm not used to it with the Naruto anime =O but it's easier to get used to something better!
    They really should keep up this good work, and the most important thing is - no fillers! (at least that´s what it looks like).
    Waiting for the Taka version ^.^ to download


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    Yeah, getting Kakashi gaiden and this has really made the anime feel a whole lot better, especially with the plot moving as forward as it is, its definitely making me remember why I liked the anime so much. The animation was great, except for the ending with Minato, which wasn't as good as I would've liked but it wasn't absolutely terrible, and thankfully they made Kushina look a whole lot better. The animation for the next episode looks really good as well.


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    i liked the episode but i dont see why they did it out of order...oh well

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