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    thanks for the input guys I'm going to take you're advice POW with the map and a break down of the Kata's. I didn't give technique names in the forest battle because there was no talking during the shugendo battle. It was more like an introduction to the series. Battles from here on out have technique names and we neglect using tech seals for most techniques. You'll see theres alot going on...

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    Sorry.. I can't read right away... You have to download it right? It' not that I'm still too young coz' I'm 14 yrs. old, but mom and dad has to give their approval to this before proceeding... And at the moment they are not here...

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    I'm not an artist or anything, but I think the art needs work. And I felt somewhat lost while reading, which is why I think POW's idea was great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoru View Post
    Well, it's pretty well drawn but I think your techniques to much Naruto's. you should change at least the modality in which they fight
    no offense, but i dont think your in the position to say that his techniques are too much like naruto. last time i checked your art was sasuke look alikes n naruto reject characters everywhere

    EDIT: just read it. I gotta say..its quite good for a starting manga, only things i see that need work is the art, the environment and the characters. but i liked it, keep up the good work
    looking forward to chapter 2

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