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    Cool BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

    According to Famistu (a Japanese Game Magazine) the next installment in the BlazBlue series will be called Continuum shift. They've announced one of the new characters, which should be fairly obvious for those that beat the storyline in the first game, but it's Tsubaki. The magazine describes her as a character for beginners, due to easy multi-hit comboes that she can perform. Here are some pics:


    Supposedly, there are only going to be two new characters in this game, the first being Tsubaki, the second is anyone's guess. As you can tell from the pics, some characters have new attacks, and the stages are being redone. One other tidbit of information that was shown is that Tager is no longer gigantic. They made his character sprite smaller, probably as a nerf so his hitbox isn't as wide as it regularly is, too bad so sad Tager players. We'll keep updating this thread as new developments arise.

    So, what do you think about Tsubaki?
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