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    One Piece One Piece 558 Spoilers

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    Originally Posted by Aohige_AP

    Pic #1:
    Chapter 558: Little Brother
    Final episode: Satan begins his music composition

    Pic #2:
    Iva: Kuma!!!
    *dodges the beam* "Rolling Aesthetic! HEEWWWHAW!"
    Iva: Bertholomew Kuma...!!
    (How dare you!! I understand you have to keep your position as a Shichibukai...
    But geez, don't shoot lasers at an acquaintance like me for real!)

    Pic #3:
    Hina: I'm not gonna let you get away! Awase-baori!!
    Luffy: It's you!! from back in Alabasta!?
    Hina: Everything that passes through my move... will be captured!
    Luffy: I'm sick of jails!!
    ???: Hey!! Watch it Hina!
    Hina: He's too fast... I couldn't see him! Hina is shocked!

    Pic #4-5:
    Giant marine: OoooooooohhhH!!!!!
    Luffy: Gomu Gomu no.... Gigant Rifle!!

    Luffy: AAAACCCCCEEE!!!
    Say whatever you want! I'm going to save you even if I die!!!
    Whitebeard: Marco.... don't let that boy die.
    Marco: Roger!
    Originally Posted by Aohige_AP

    Whitebeard: They're going to execute Ace early!?
    You sure they said that?
    Luffy: They said something about getting ready for something...
    but the rest was all codes, and couldn't understand them well.
    I know you also want to save Ace, that's why I'm going to tell you this!

    Whitebeard: I see... that's a valuable information you told me. Thanks!
    Luffy: It's alright, don't worry about it!!

    Others: Why is he talking on same level with Whitebeard!! Where does he find the gull!?

    Whitebeard: I see, so they see no reason to stay with the schedule... with pirates agaist them.
    The key here is, they're waiting until "something is ready"...
    Luffy: UOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    Marco: Hey pops! I heard on the marine's communications that they're going to execute Ace early...!!
    Whitebeard: Yeah, I heard.

    Whitebeard: But keep your cool. Us reacting to leaked information... is most likely according to plan.
    For us to "accidently" hear their plan... isn't the type of mistake that man would make!!

    Kizru: The tenryuubito are nagging us to capture you, Strawhat Luffy~
    pirates: It's Admiral Kizaru!! The Strawhat is dead meat!!

    Ace: Don't come Luffy!!!
    Luffy huh.. !!!! Out of my way!!
    Whitebeard: .....
    Ace: You should realize!! We're both pirates!! We chose our own ocean to advance forward in!!

    Ace: I have my own adventure!! My own crewmates!! YOu have no business to butt in!!!
    Marco: Ace....
    pirates: Save Ace!!

    Ace: Do you think I'd forgive you, a whimp like you coming to rescume me!? You know how insulting that is!?
    Go home Luffy!!!! Why did you come!!!
    Jinbei: Ace....

    Ace: (Please Luffy, I don't want you to go down with me....!!! This is all my fault!!!)

    Luffy: I AM YOUR BROTHER!!!!
    Ace flashback
    Ace: Did you know? we drink from each other's sake cup... and we become brothers!
    From this day on... we are brothers!!

    Luffy: I don't care about the pirate's rule!!
    Ace: Stubborn bastard....!!

    Sengoku: What are you doing!! Don't let one rookie change the tide of the battle!
    Giant: Out of the way, I'll crush him!!
    Sengoku: That man is a dangerous factor to the future as well!!!
    He is a sworn brother of Ace who grew up with him... and his bloodline is....
    He is the true son of Revolutionary Dragon!!!

    Marine: !!?
    Luffy Gear third!!!

    Marines: You mean THE Dragon?
    Buggy: WHAAAT!?
    Helmeppo: He said it...
    Coby: Luffy-san!!
    Moria: !!!
    Mihawk: It's no surprise.
    Hancock: I don't care if you are son of the devil... I... I....(heart mark)
    (Kuma says nothing, god, say something already)
    Doflamingo: I see, that's why Ivankov of the revolutionaries is working with him!! I see it now!
    Jinbei: I see, I didn't know...
    Smoker: Now I know why it went down like that in Logue Town...
    Reporter: Did you hear that!?
    HQ!! HQ!!! This is from Sabaody Park!!
    Crowd: You mean... THE Dragon!?
    Reporter: It's a huge news!!! Relay this to the entire world!!
    Garp: I don't care... there's no point in hiding it anymore.
    Besides Luffy is already an outlaw who made a name for himself, such label means nothing...!
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    One Piece One Piece 558 Spoiler Discussion

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    What the hell!! Kuma and Ivankov are acquintances??


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    There's been speculation that Kuma works for Dragon. This will certainly add to that theory since Iva does as well.

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    LOL, U MAD? Arbitrary's Avatar
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    Now that possibility is greater than ever.

    Luffy's got Marco for support, nice.

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    Oh Em Gee! Raymond Agustin's Avatar
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    Hah! I was right he was working under Dragon!

    And Whitebeard's "Don't let that boy die" line was epic.

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    JizziL JizziL's Avatar
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    I just got goose bumps reading the spoilers. Give us 558 NOW!

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    Zura Shijima's Avatar
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    effing great stuff, can't wait till this chapter's released.

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    Nothing really new happened in those few pages... The others should be more interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blindSharingan View Post
    There's been speculation that Kuma works for Dragon. This will certainly add to that theory since Iva does as well.
    I still think Dragon is the one pulling the strings behind all of this.

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