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    Hunter x Hunter is a classic one .. anime and manga. both good.
    I am just in love with every single ninja element

    Aja aja fighting!!
    >~< fanatic Kakashi & Naruto fan~ they are ICHIBAN

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    The last arc (The chimera ants) kinda feels like Aliens for most of its upper half, but picks up very quickly during its latter half. Too bad its on its hiatus. Otherwise Hunter x Hunter is a very good series. A rare breed of shounen where the protagonists are weak as hell and have to rely on friendships/alliances and brains to survive (and in a lot of cases the antagonists are pretty smart, too).

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    I love this manga,

    the best thing is the storydevelopment cauuuuuuuuse you just cant predict how the story continues. (will see if netero dies, hmmmmmm.)

    Wanna see leorio and kurapika again ... . Bit of funny thing for the end of my qote: In the German manga Neferpito is a guy and in the american a girlie. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEHA

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