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    Nothing really makes me cry out of saddness. I've reached such levels of sociopathic thinking that I usually replace crying with laughter, it tends to get on peoples nerves. I cryed when my parents died, but I don't remember crying since then. That was 2 years ago.

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    Losing a game...

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueiris385 View Post
    I hardly ever cry. The only thing that makes me cry is the death of a family member or a close friend.
    Its weird, since I never cry every few months I'll have a dream where a someone close to me dies and I'll cry in my sleep uncontrollably. When I wake up I'm in tears from crying.

    The only thing I can compare this too is a wet dream. Its sounds weird but I think that my body is trying to make me cry as if its needed regularly.

    Does this happen to anyone else.
    I've woken up in tears before. Not sobbing or crying uncontrollably, but there are times when I wake up from a dream with tears in my eyes. I haven't really sobbed for a while...the last time I did was freshmen year of college...I was very stressed, and it was the first time I'd really cried in hands even went numb. It was very unpleasant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    There's a difference between minor tears (Sad Movie, sad news, onions), and flat out crying uncontrollably.
    That's a good point, i have suffered from them red wet eyes but no real crying, even when i broke my foot no tears...just some shock and a whole lot of pain (before good ol' morphine kicked in), maybe my grandmother's death which turned into quite the event...gathering the whole family...turned my tears to some sort of was a gathering alright.

    Manga and anime that get me a little teary...Air,Ai-ren, Saikano....such sad pieces please read


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    i've broken down a few times before over heart ache.

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    Well what makes me teary eyed is when i chop onions.
    Hat makes me cry another to add on my list is when a loved one of mine passes away.

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    nice question XD
    I cry when I get really angry, at the peak of my anger tears come down my cheeks, as a kid I didn't realize that my anger was the reason, as I grew up I figured it out, and's just still happens from time to time, but I rarely get that angery anyway..I laugh about things instead of getting mad.

    Ooh, and when my insanity takes control, I cry without very twisted =.=

    death don't make me that sad nor cry much..I mean, people die, it happens all the time..

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    I haven't cried in ages...Not willingly, anyway. Last time I actually cried was in my sleep. For some reason, I was dreaming that I was in a bathroom and my dad and someone else were in there. Next thing I know, my dad takes out the grid cover for the vents in our house and hands it to the guy, who proceeds to beat me aith it...I woke up with tears still in my eyes...Wierd, eh?

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    The first 10 minutes of the Disney/Pixar movie: UP. Holy god! it was so sad. T.T

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itsu View Post
    Losing a game...


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