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    What makes you cry?

    greetings guys and gals. KING BW here, with a thread a bit closer to heart per say, what makes you cry?. its an honest question, with no right or wrong answer. Being a man, sometimes i have a difficult time explaining my feeling but i say im a bit more sensitive then most other guys, so i decided to open a thread to see who's gonna post in it (besides females XD)

    for me, PINK FLOYD just has a certain way of strumming the chords of my heart, not in some weird way, they're music just overflows my heart with emotions. "wish you were here" makes me cry, im not a shamed to admit it either. to me, its one of the most beautiful songs in music history

    Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here

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    Tears don't come easily for me anymore. It has to be extreme tragedy or suffering of a loved one. I think that in this world, you eventually run out of tears. If you recognize these lyrics, you'll know what I mean.

    Would you know my name
    If I saw you in heaven
    Will it be the same
    If I saw you in heaven

    Eric Clapton

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    Animal cruelty. Every time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inu-Sennin View Post
    lol...I don't think thats what Bworm ment.

    For me it's watching the world stand silent while Isreal steals more and more Palistine land.

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    It's not making me cry but the creationist/ID crowd are trying my tired of them and their stupidity

    Real world issues that make me a book like Broken by Shy Keenan...that book is immensly horrifying and tremendously excrutiatingly saddening (i remember someone asking me about the book and the very first thing i said was that it was a scary book)


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    What makes ME cry? God's glory is too awesome and too great for us to understand. As my friend would say,

    "I propose... God is omnipresent and 1 John says God is light... if light
    travels at 186,232 miles per second, then God must travel at the speed
    equal to or greater than the speed of light. Whcih makes Him
    omnipresent, in the sense that if God wants t...o
    go to Manila from here, He would have arrived there before he left
    here. That means He could be anywhere, while being everywhere at the
    same time being here. NOSEBLEED!"


    Hosea 6:6"I want mercy and not sacrifice. I want you to recognize me as God instead of bringing me burnt offerings." Revelation 22:13"I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am the First and the Last. I am the Beginning and the End."

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    The Disney movie Homeward Bound. The ending gets me every time.

    I Love You!

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    Animals for me too...I can't watch those sad commercials asking you to donate to the SPCA and whatnot. T_T

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    Thinking about people I've lost in my life. And the songs that remind me of my past so far.

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