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Thread: Is it so wrong?

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    Is it so wrong?

    ELLO WELLO HELLOOOOOO! KING BW here, with a long awaited new game to entertain the masses!. na na na na na na na na na na naa!~~~~

    so, the new game, IS IT SO WRONG?. simple, the user ahead post something like this for EX/

    is it so wrong to eat animals?

    *next poster*

    yes, it is so wrong, YOU SAVAGE BEASTIAL SQUIRT!

    i know mine is a bit stupid, but the point of the game is to be as funny as possible AND you AbSOLUTELY MUST POST A REASON WHY THE POST ABOVE IS RIGHT AND/OR WRONG!, and without further me talking, LETZ BEGIN~~

    is it so wrong to?........use cheat codes in WoW
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