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    The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

    i dunno if any of you guys read this, but i got it as a gift, and it was pretty good. i mean most of the "facts" are conspiracy mumbo jumbo, but as a thriller book, it was good.

    here's the wiki link, caution, it has the plot in the article
    also, if anyone wants to just dl a PDF file, i downloaded one of another site, and i re upped it to rapidshare.
    its the book, but i renamed it so rapidshare doesn't remove it.

    say thanks if you dl it!

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    I have this already and haven't started it yet.

    I hear that its really compelling and if sales are any indication (2 million the first week) this should be a thriller as well as the last one.

    I just need to start reading it. LOL!


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    I still reading it, 138 pages lift to read
    anything written by Dan Brown is good there is no need to say anything more.

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    I just got my copy, no one spoil it for me plz kthxmuch!

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    I almost bought it in costco, it was half price. But I've decided to wait for the paperback if I were to buy it. But now I guess I don't need to! Thanks!

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