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Is Adobe Photoshop CS4 extended ok?

btw could you explain a bit , how do you guys work, like for example when a naruto manga comes out you divide 1 page on each guy and then put it all together at the end?

ANd banana you scanlate too? xD
CS4 is fine, it's what I use after all.

We don't hand them out and tell people to work on them, we instead let people choose what pages they want to do. After they're all cleaned the typesetter takes them and places the translation into the appropriate bubbles.

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why when i try to go to this step

''# Go under Filter -> Topaz Labs -> Topaz Denoise and apply settings 1.15 for noise reduction, 0.25 for deblur.'' a

as soon as i click on the topaz denoise then my adobe stops working and i have to click abort or whatever an it shuts down

don't know this could possibly be cause i didnt insert the keygen anywhere but dsn't say so in the guide that i need it , i mena in the file ''how to''

and btw its a message like ''adobe photoshop has stopped working''
I'm going to assume you're using windows 7.

Topaz denoise 2.2 does not work in windows 7, the only way to get it to work is to install photoshop in xp mode and then install topaz into that version of photoshop. Or you can get topaz 3 which works in windows 7.