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    Naruto Shippuuden EP 290 is out

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    Haven't had time to watch it myself yet. But it's definitely a filler

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    Yep filler, and its pretty bad too.

    They run into Kabuto and uses ET to bring back a bunch of fighters and showing his trump card prior to the war? Its nearly as bad a Rin being alive still in the filler a few weeks ago.
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    Yeah this was seriously fucking bad.

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    Im surprised why we have been having so many weeks of filler...its not like the anime is right behind the manga plot wise. I mean jeez if they really wanted to drag something out they could drag out a certain person's back story later on. That would be so much better than what they are producing now. It's almost reaching bleach lvl of fillers.

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    Bleach fillers were good . It's a well-known fact that Naruto anime fillers just suck.

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    I'm just catching up with some anime episodes i missed.

    I don't know what people are talking about this is awesome I liked the new animation style.

    Granted the story doesn't exactly fit into the cannon timeline but I think its meant to be more of a stand alone OVA type. The idea that Kabuto was experimenting with his control of Edo Tensei makes sense however showing off all his cards just for Naruto and friends made no sense.

    If you look at it as a separate OVA rather than part of the main story then it's more enjoyable.

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