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    Luffy standing up to Whitebeard on equal level huh, sounds like this chapter is going to be a good one.

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    I've said this before, I'll say it again... it's EPIC!

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    Ooooooooooooooohhhhh, so want to read it right now.

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    luffy, the 5th yonkou!!

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    How can there be a 5th yonkou? Yonkou means "4 Emperors".

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    ok then, Luffy, the "yonkou+1" younkou!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuroihikari View Post
    How can there be a 5th yonkou? Yonkou means "4 Emperors".
    They would just change it to... Gokou.... Err, well, seeing as everyone thinks WB will die, Luffy would just take his place as Yonkou. But thats most likely not the case.

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    I hope they show hancocks reaction.

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    It's epic because Kizaru wants to execute them all. I'm guessing he's getting impatient with all these random pirates popping up.

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    Added some spoiler text pieces. Looks like there will be at least one Hancock panel...
    I'm really curious how Oda will play this love game out, he doesn't make Luffy seem indifferent towards Hancock either... but I just can't imagine Luffy in a relationship.
    On the other hand, every King needs a Queen.

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