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    the only reason i would say its far fetched is because of those damn frogs, but its not as though the frogs would get in the way of this idea of mine, so long as it truly doesnt have an animal affinity. maybe its the results of the oil used, like a drug with the side effect. but needs that effect else wise the effects of unbalanced chakra would just turn you to stone... that seem to make sense in my mind but idk if i portray the thoughts in my head properly

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    Let's just put it this way: Until senjutsu is shown as something coming from the rikudou sennin, or until it's shown as being taught outside of Myobukuzan, then it will be unrelated to the "body".

    As of now, it's speculation without zero evidence at all.

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    Its my speculation, after having thought about it, that Sage Mode and Senjutsu are at least a part of what Madara referred to as the "body". Its just too powerful and unique of a technique to not have some connection. Yes, I know there isn't a shred of solid direct proof of it, but I can't help but feel that it has a connection beyond simple coincidence, or the author's attempt to create a parallel situation.

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    The Sage of the Six paths divined the usage of Chakra which later on expanded to futher understands thru explorations over time. However I dont think he had anything to do with Senjutsu just like the first guy to discovered electricity didnt develop everything that later runs on electricty.

    Senjutsu is something the frogs discovered themselves just as chakra manipulation and jutsu's become more complex over time and new jutsu's are built on top of old ones.

    - Orochimaru built his immortality jutsu by reaserching forbiden jutsu's in Konoha.

    - Sasuke developed further Raiton jutsu's based on the orginal Chidori

    - Naruto advanced Rasengan to its complete form of Rasenshuriken

    In the narutoverse jutsu development can be seen like technological development in the real life the future jutsu's are built on the past ones.

    On a side note Pa frog is 800 yeas old and even to him Riduko Sage was a myth which tells us the original sage lived possibly thousands of years ago. The great old Sage frogs age is said to be counted in the millenia according to the databook so assuming he didnt live at the time of the Sage of Six paths because he didnt inform PA frog as a matter of fact about the Rinnegan being fact that puts the Six Sage timeline even further back in time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    If Pow wrote the manga it would be accurate as fuck lol. I stand behind Pow(while humping his leg) on this one.
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