Okay, let's get talking about Bleach ch.289!

Oh my gawd, you guys, i knew it! i knew it! Nell was an espada! but how powerful was she is what i want to know. and poor ichigo, what's he gonna do? he's really really exhausted right now. the only thing he can really do it get healed by orhime again so that he can fight, but is there a chance that Nell and Neutra(?)(eyepatch guy) are gonna fight? i think there's a pretty big chance of this happening. i can't wait. i wonder if Nell has a number!!

Also, i don't know about you guys, but i've been getting really bored with the Ishida/Renji fight. sure, last chapter was cool when the espada changed into that weird sluggy form, but honestly, that fight is taking WAY too long. it's too drawn out. i don't really wanna cover it anymore. i just want the manga to focus on the Nell and Ichigo fight.

so what did you guys think?