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  • "One Love"-Bob Marley

    5 55.56%
  • "One Day"-Matisyahu

    4 44.44%
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    Mangashare's Weekly Song Battle #6

    Welcome to the MS's sixth weekly song battle! I have returned!

    The song battle consists of two songs pitted against each other for you the users to vote for which song is better. The voting period will be open for this week (September 13-September 20) with the last two days being open for song requests. You have the entire week to vote so listen to the song, get a feel for it, and vote!

    Today I've got Bob Marley vs. Matisyahu. This is a battle I felt necessary to get out the way because it has bugged me fo quite some time. Old vs. new with a different flavor. Let me hear what you got to say!

    "One Love"-Bob Marley vs. "One Day"-Matisyahu

    Discussion Rules:

    ~All discussion will be done in this thread.
    ~NO FLAME! Keep your useless comments to yourself.
    ~All song requests can either be sent to me through PM or VM.
    ~Ideas as to how to better improve this thread or to add certain elements can be posted in the original thread: Mangashare's Weekly Head-to-Head Song Battle or PM me.

    Side Note: There will be two different songs each week with a final tournament with each week's winner for song of the year.
    ~If you don't like the song then request one of your own!
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    I like "one day" a bit more but they're both good.

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    Both are my heroes; but I gotta go with Matis this time (Marley will win anyway).

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    Ah...both great songs, but I like One Day more.

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    haha im glad i didnt do i was kind of running out of ideas.
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    anyways...hmm..One Love beats One Day in my book

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    Both great songs but the nostalgia of One Love edges it for me.
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