Another interesting new series! Only 17 chapters are up on onemanga, due to the scanlating being done by 1 dedicated fangirl, but hot dam do i love it. I'm intrigued by this series in particular because besides the awesome attacks and battle stances, this series has considerable depth you dont find in most shonen's. Actually reminds me a bit of the Avatar series (but not content wise). Anyway enough rambling, here's a synopsis:

"Knights is a shounen manga tale about squire Mistletien, called 'Mist' for short. Taking place in a medieval world in which the church and her representatives are burning people en masse on suspicion of witchcraft, Mist and his organization are taking a stand against the church and the 'Saints' who are perpetuating the witch hunts. Mist is feared and hated by the village-folk because of his appearence, wearing a mask to disguise himself and going by the moniker 'The Black Knight.' He travels with Euphemia, a young girl who is as expert with mixing potions and poisons as Mist is with a sword, and together they rescue those who are to be executed on suspicion of witchcraft."

I really hope a scanlating team picks up this series as the scanlated releases are several months appart, and the latest chapters are already out but havent been scanlated yet. Binktopia possibly yea check it out