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    Boa Hancock resembles...

    Megan Fox? I dunno, I've always pondered about how Boa Hancock would look like if she was real (yeah I'm such an Otaku) and the only person I could trace it down to is Megan Fox. They've both fairly large foreheads while their boobs are similar in size....and the only difference is the hairstyle it seems...Megan Fox can definitely pull off a Boa Hancock cosplay.

    What do you guys think? Anyone agree with me?

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    Never thought of it like that. But Megan is one of the hotest chicks out there. Not too into cosplay though, cos they always seem off by miles. I just can see Megan in Hancocks outfit or with her personality though........

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    I definitely think she looks like Boa! Only if we can get that blank stare out of Megan like Boa always seems to have, sees so expressionless...
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    Wasn't boa hancock supposed to represent Medusa?

    But yea, I can see the megan fox resemblance. Megan fox as medusa in the upcoming movie The clash of Titans, now that would be very interesting. hmmmm, megan fox................yummmmmmmmm.
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    I don't see it. I always pictured Boa being Japanese. Thats because she looks like that one chick from Pastel. They even have a similar personality. I think I remember reading, not sure, that Boa Hancock is "Transparant White", unlike the sexy tanned Megan Fox.

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    Boa Hancock looking like Megan Fox, I don't know that maybe the hair and that's about it.

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    Oh hell no!

    I'm not disputing your point. I couldn't care less about who Boa resembles. But a thread?
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    If Pow wrote the manga it would be accurate as fuck lol. I stand behind Pow(while humping his leg) on this one.
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