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    These aren't fillers, they just changed the order of events from the manga. Maybe in order to make things more consistent, which I think will probably be for the best, around this point in the manga, it jumped around alot.

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    just finished watching, the quality is pretty good. For once am kinda excited to see a filler since it is about jiraiya. Wished they added the part itachi and sasuke fought for like a min or so, well it wasn't really much of a fight but u guys know which part am talking about.

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    Great episode! At first I thought they wasn't going to get the part with Jirayia and Tsunade talking about Naruto's parents but they did. Can't wait for the Jirayia Chronicles though.

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    Im sarting to get sad! =-(

    when Tsunade Pukes, it jumps to them on a park....does this imply they had sex? cause i think so, a good bye token to remember. ba-shans and ero senins kid would be cool

    very good show....

    cant wait for the big fight.

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    why didnt naruto tell anyone, i'd have thought he would of at least told kakashi, we are SO close to that fight, arent we - it could potentially be the best fight yet of the shippuuden arc
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    good it where it is going...

    Miau, Miau, Miau.....prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

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