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    yeah. eardrums got blasted.. but remember when you get your eardrums blasted you lose balance not totally get deaf.. that's how the guy fell and couldn't stand up straight. also, remember he could still hear your thoughts. mind reading thingy.

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    I actually liked this chapter a little bit. Sure, plot holes and logic loops galore, but it was good that natsu didn't completely destroy cobra's ear drums (where did it actually say that he did?) and that cobra could still stand... also, the "ALL OF THE ORAICON SEIS ARE EQUAL MAAAAAN" was only one guy in the guild's opinion, so I personally let him off for that, and it's good to see that the guy who's one of the goddamn strongest mages in the fairy tail world actually CAN kick ass and take names. And also, blaine wasn't defeated in one hit, fortunately, otherwise he'd be unconscious.

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    This chapter was horrible!

    There were so many inconsistencies, I seriosly thought, that someone made a fake chapter and released it, as I read this.

    First off all: Blaine killing Cobra.
    This is such an old "twist", that I actually didn't see that coming. (But just because no good Mangaka uses it these days)
    Second: Midnight.
    These uber mage of the Oración Seis who defeated part of the Alliance himself, gets defeated by a guy, whose only purpose is comic relief.
    Third: Blaine.
    The only person who can command the uber mage Midnight and leader of the "almighty" Oración Seis trembles in fear before a single mage of the light alliance, who all got pwned beforehand. (Although this isn't such a critical point, because Jura is one of the ten holy mages.)
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    hmmmm we havnt seen midknight fight, i kinda get the idea she gets beaten up before counter attacking. Or she likes tha pain like some kind of s and m thing.

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    Maybe the guys powers works only at night. lols. ;p

    but hey.. his not done yet. remember he deflected Natu's flames back then. Maybe he's planning something.

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    Hey Core Of Insanity, what anime/manga is your sig and dp from? Looks interesting.

    Oh and i thought the latest chapter was really bad too - actually ive been thinking fairy tail's been declining for a while - my opinion is that it peaked during the guild war arc between phantom.

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    meh.. not even going to comment on this chapter. It would only depress you guys since i would be repeating myself over and over by now lol.

    Too bad cobra wasn't a real slayer... I want to know more about other real slayers! xD

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    well, for all the reasons exposed here, that was one of the most terrible chapter. This arc has no place to be.

    lol @midnight. Not even showing the fight. I'm not even talking about cobra's defeat.

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    It doesnt seem very planned out. I mean....Cobra gets shot and utters the words about wanting to meet his only friend (forgot the name). I mean...its jus like giving the author the possibility of fleshing out Cobra's character....but most likely wont

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