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    Need help - Online stores

    Let me explain. Here around Barcelona I'm having some trouble to find a lot of [5 or 10]-year old videogames for PlayStation 2; so I searched around the few online stores I knew.

    I only found it on, but I'm afraid that the videogames are NTSC. As far as I know -and that is not much- it means that it cannot be played in european -or at least, spanish- consoles, so I should buy PAL games, right?

    So, basically, I believe that I could not play them here, so I haven't bought any of them through Amazon.

    So I'd like someone to explain a bit about NTSC/PAL stuff, and of course, do you know any online store website where I can buy a lot of PS2 (PAL) videogames?

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    I can't answer some of your questions directly, but just to get a bit more information, your PS2 is unmodded, isn't it?

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    - It is unmodded.
    - I want the products first hand, not used. I have't found them on eBay anyway.

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    damnz, Mass Zero told me about this Memor32 memory card, You should get one.

    I bought mine off amazon, you just plug it into you're PC via USB cable and install the firmware, then use it as a normal memory card.
    Then just download a ps2 game and use the ISO Patcher that comes with the firmware, burn it to a DVD-R and it'll play.

    I've been using it to play all the stuff that never got a PAL release, like Xenosaga 3.

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