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    Naruto Did something happen to zidan21ps?

    Hope he's ok. Cause I still haven't gotten my binky Naruto release.
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    1. The raws were late this week. Don't worry, Binktopia will still be releasing Naruto, Bleach and Psyren this week. (and possibly other goodies)
    2. Usually, zidane doesn't work on Naruto anyway so I can't possibly see how this would be his fault.
    3. I ate him.

    I'll keep this thread here so people don't make others asking the same thing.


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    I heard THSV ran him over on a stolen bike but that could be bad intel.

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    Things will be released soon. As a general fact, we aren't holding anything back, if something gets done, it'll be released asap. This thread is just the nicer version of the daily pm's, and msn messages I get, which are all something like: zomg, where the fuck is insert_manga_title_here!!! What's taking so long!!!?

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