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    Naruto Vs Sasuke fight

    reading the recent chapter, i don't think naruto and sasuke will fight. as madara said senju vs uchiha, madara vs hashirama, naruto vs sasuke. all these fight developed from hatred as madara said. and he aslo said his fight with hashirama was fated. So to probably break that cycle of hatred naruto will not fight sasuke or sasuke could probably force him to fight. since it will just be like the old days of senju vs uchiha fighting. Am just saying this but it could be a different outcome to solve the cycle of hatred problem. what do u guys think?

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    There are wayyyyyyyyyy toooooooo many threads on this subject.

    Of course Naruto is going to break the cycle of hatred in the ninja world. Thats basically what the underlying message of the manga is all about.

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