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    Quote Originally Posted by blueiris385 View Post
    Some theories are about as good as wet toilet paper.

    90% of the "confirmed" things you listed is pure speculation on your part. Start a fanfiction thread next time.
    LOL. Yea the theory is out there, but it does explain the byakugan's role in the manga. Rinnegan = ninjutsu, sharingan = genjutsu, byakugan = taijutsu. Elder's sons descendants had Rikudou's spiritual energy, so they chose to specialize in genjutsu, my theory would explain the byakugan's origins and also would explain why they use taijutsu.

    But the facts are facts, or will be sooner or later, Mark my words.
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    I agree with blueiris385 about those "facts" really just being theories. I can understand that a chapter can be so exciting that one's imagination could get carried away but the distinction between established fact and theoy is an important one when it comes to discussing it on a forum.

    But anyway the other day I realised that even tho Shippuden appears to be not far away from it's logical conclusion, there's still many things I look forward to seeing. Things like Kisame Vs Killerbee, Sasuke taking Itachi's eyes, Naruto Vs Sasuke and or Madara.

    Oh and I was wondering if anyone has thought up this theory:
    Madara sent Sasuke to the Kage summit as a diversion so that Kisame can track down the Hachibi and battle him without any interference from Cloud or Leaf shinobi.
    My reasoning for this is that Akatsuki's first attempt to capture the Hachibi was the catalyst for the Kage summit and yet it's only Akatsuki know that Killerbee evaded capture. To me it seems like the kind of devious, cunning scheme that Madara would come up with.

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