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    Fairy Tail 309 Discussion / 310 Predictions


    Damn, Geomancy, it always looks like a little cheat to me, well maybe not in the games ;P.

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    Okay, the not dying thing is getting even worse then one piece... but whatever. Interesting powers these guys have.
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    Like I said/postulated last week, The Princess dumped FT into the Death Dungeon for the sole purpose that they should defeat the executioners and Save Arcadios.

    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    Isn't this side story merely a distraction from the main fight?

    Or......perhaps the true purpose of this side story lies with the princess. She seems to be sad for Ft, and she seems to be connected to Arcadios somehow.

    I'll take a stab at it. The princess dumped Ft into the no-escape dungeon place so that they'll defeat the executioners and save Arcadios. So this side story can tie into the dragon king fextival through the Arcadios guy.
    Knowing this, I look for FT to quickly steam role the Executioners, particularly Natsu should have no problem with the Executioners, because Natsu's strength is slowly being built up to allow him to play an important role in fighting Aknowlogia, if I am right, these level of fighters should not present too much of a challenge for him.

    I was hoping that we'd see more from The other Fairy Tail team this week..Oh Well!

    Anyhow when the main battle resumes, I look to see:

    1) Laxus versus The Lamia Scale Saint Jura Nekis, although, he might need some help against him.

    2) Erza Versus Minerva. Minerva is going to have some sick Technique-Magic, but TiTania will regain her place as the Baddest Female Mage in Earthland. This one is easy to predict seeing as Erza already put her on Notice after she tortured Lucy.

    3) Gajeel is going to have to fight Rogue and Sting combined. This should end with the Same result as when Natsu fought them, BUT, it should be a lot tougher battle. I won't be surprised if Gajeel gets some help from Laxus or someone. This assumes that Sting and/or Rogue did not already get their Asses kicked by Jura.

    4) Look for Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Lockser to teem up against Orga. As I recall, Gray and Juvia have teemed up before, and their powers seem to have synchrony together.

    Well, I kinda left out other fighters from other Guilds, but (heh, heh) it's MY fantasy match up, Neh?

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    Seeing how Orga was fascinated by Laxu's Lightning and the other GS, they most likely will met face to face.

    Erza vs Minevra hmmm, I'm actually wondering if it won't be Jura vs Minvevra first, since there is no one else beside Jellal from FT who could own Jura currently. There might be Erza vs Minevra, but this might be more of a battle of speed rather than power. It probably will be about how fast can Erza switch her elemental armors to protect herself from transfered elemental spaces from Minevra, not to mention about switching attack armor with defense armor seeing as repelling back attacks seems quite simple for Minevra.

    It would be fun to watch Gajel solo owning the other 2 DS.

    Juvia is going to fight Lion, simply because Mavis is the tactician here and I doubt that she would miss the opportunity to take advantage of his feelings. Of course there is the rematch between Gray and Lion as well.

    Erza will most likely face the Katana girl, sooner or later. It might not be now, but later while protecting Jellal who would probably allow her to kill him, probably (well the later one would more dramatic anyway :p).

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    There are two cat ears on the head of Leo... lol, ok, that is the hair style, but it like the cat ears too much!

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    I love to know who was more powerful, Azuma or the chick who uses plants! Also I think Erza will end up fighting Minerva too just because its gonna be leader vs leader plus she has to avenge lucy, but it shouldn't be any harder than her fight with Midnight who could reflect magic, only this time its a redirect version. She kind of reminds me of that guy who could bend space and time around himself in Vampire Hunter D and everytime you stabbed him he would just make the blade stab you lol
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