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Thread: Who are you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    I am almost 51, was born in West Africa and moved to USA 30yrs ago. I am married, have 4 kids, 2 teens and 2 almost teens.

    I work as an EEG Technologist for a hospital. I enjoy Naruto, science shows, surfing the web, Bleach, and a little (very little) blogging. I am sympathetic and encouraging to others, but really detest bullies and arrogance.

    I currently have a lot of weight on my shoulders keeping everyone (family) going, and caring for my wifey who's been ill for a while. I love my kids, am proud of my oldest girl who did very well in her SATs.

    I no longer care much about sports, and don't wanna do outdoors stuff. What I want is peace of mind, happiness, safety, and success for my family.

    What I'd really like is to win the lottery even though I don't play often.

    I guess I should say that what I like about Mangashare is that more than the other Manga sites, there seems to be more community feeling among members here.

    EDIT: I could say that Naruto Manga is my chill time distraction from life's annoyances.
    Paulbee, you are great. You're quite different from others at your age (not implying that you're old or anything, however there's some years apart between us ) I don't think I've seen anyone over 35 that reads manga and visits forums like this (Exept my mother - she got a master degree for Manga, Art and Art History lol - that's quite strange isn't it?)

    Anyways, I wish the best of luck to you and your family, hope your wife get's better. (and don't give up on the lottery)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BWORMKING View Post
    I enjoy the fact that on mangashare there is actually ALOT of african american/black people. not saying anything against anyone else, its just that sites like mangafox and a few other that i've been to, i was like, THE ONLY black person. it feels good to not be alone lol
    Don't fear, for, even though it isn't so obvious, there are many who are black in spirit, though not black in skin!

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    I am 13 and Asian. I currently live in America, however. Im crazy, loud, and very annoying.I also am religious, though I dont force the beliefs down other people's throats. (That's a pet peeve of mine.) I like to eat(though I'm not fat) and draw.I'm fairly good at sports- I love swimming.<3
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    I have constant mood-swings. People are brought to wonder if I'm bipolar.
    Will be 14 in a few months and I'm really into this "do good in life thing".

    I enjoy reading, writing, looking through my old stuff(and sigh and sweatdrop) and doing stuff related to art; drawing, playing piano, composing, arranging, listening to music, looking at other people's art, etc.

    I have a rather negative nature that can or cannot be visible, depending on the person I'm hanging out with.

    I get influenced easily though I dislike changing my view on things because of another person. I tend to argue until my point is proven. And I'm one of those extremely sensitive people that tear up easily.


    I'm rarely satisfied with anything though I often say the opposite.

    Charisma isn't my forte.

    I spend a large fraction of my life doing things that I forget all the details a few days/hours/minutes later.

    Humans say I'm direct, which I am.
    I get uncomfortable and am easily ticked off by people that have a loud, cocky mouth but that have nothing to back themselves up.
    I'm also against people taking credit for others' stuff.

    I lack when it comes to sports. I have a low stamina and get tired easily, unless it's tennis. I can go through hours of tennis without feeling tired. Though I happen to be able to hold my breath for quite a long time.
    I've always been light. And I have many physical flaws that aren't apparent... Because I'm surrounded with people that aren't much better o,o
    It's a preference/interest thing.

    I want.

    And it goes on.
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    Hi there, I'm Tony. I'm a 22yr old guy from a Greek Family. I currently work for Mercedez Benz. I am also a Taekwondo instructor 2nd dan goin 4 my 3rd shortly and am lovin life. I drive 2 cars. A 2000 model 318.i BMW obsidian black with cream leather interior for my work car and a VX Holden Commodore 2000 model for cruising with my mates. I love 2 travel as much as possible and to catch up with my mates when-ever i get a chance 2. Be with my gf now for about 4 years every scene i completed my college and am enjoyin the good times. Am passionate with my music and soccer. Go to the gym every day for a minimum for 2hours a day plus indoor soccer when we get a chance. A.t.m getin rdy to go to brisbane to surface paradise at the gold coast for a holiday for 1 week and when i return, tryin to organise another holiday to Europe with my mates for 3 months. Havn't had that many problems a.t.m and just enjoying the good times.
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