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Thread: Who are you?

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    Who are you?

    I'm just curious, outside of the internet, outside of mangashare, who are you?

    Are you a timid person, a geek, a jock, insane, laid back, uptight, partyanimal?

    I'd have to say I'm a jock/laid back/geek.

    I'm 21 years old, latino, I do the gym thing, I play baseball, I have a great physique, I'm laid back because I genuinely care about very little except money and family. I'm a geek because I play alot of video games on my free time, I'm a PC nerd and I read comics when I have time. I used to be a party animal but those days are over, but I still know how to have a good time.

    Anyone else? lets keep it honest, no one is judging you. Any stories you guys would like to share would be cool too.

    Lets be honest also please.

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    I guess I'm insane/laid back. Depends on the day. I don't participate in any sports or much of anything else. I enjoy walking around the city (Miami) almost everyday just being a vagrant. Listening to music, sleeping, coming up with infinitely flawed philosophy's, watching people, and using that Freakshow Logic.

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    in your hearts
    was one of the people was in athletics but never signed up for any sports. i dont have any motivations.. i liked a girl that was into art so i joined the art club. then in college i liked a girl who was in advertising, so i joined advertising. i think that i think with my penis

    A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.

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    I am too laid back. I'm so laid back, you would wonder how I was alive. People believe me to be a pothead when they see me. Of course I am not. If I wasn't so lazy I would be in the top ten of my class. I've been asked to join my high school football team, basketball team, soccer team, wrestling team and the anime club. I turned them all down. I am also the most feared person during my time in high school. The reason being that I turned down all those sports teams and that no one ever seems to see me approach them. That sucks because I love to fight and no one wanted to fight me. The only sport with balls I like is ironically, Dodge Ball. In which I am great at, to the point of never being hit by the ball. Even though I don't like sports, I love to work out and stay in peak shape. Like most members here, you can not point me out on the street and say, "That guy's into anime". And Finally, I love the military. My ultimate dream is to be in the US Navy SEAL's. They are the most elite group of soldiers in the World. Sadly, me being in the Navy now means that I will have to quit mangashare and manga all together come January. Small price to pay to live the action hero life.
    Anything else?

    I Love You!

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    Everyone here is so unique. I'd like to see more people post here and see who they are beyond MS. I Lol'ed at some(laid back pothead minus the weed) and was intrigued by others.

    Maybe I could live through Damnz I would love to travel but have never.

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    New York, Queens
    I would say that i'm an American muslim. That only really cares about two things,
    Allah's order.
    And trying to make as much money as possible for the cause of Allah's order.

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    Hmm, an interesting thread :3

    Well, like many here, I am laid back (but not care free). I'll consider myself a "cool geek", if that makes any sense at all. Hmm, let's see:

    -I'm Hispanic, shaved head with beard (although I mix it up from clean shaven to full beard and everything inbetween), pierced ears (size '00' gauges).
    -My daily routine includes work (designer) and exersice towards the evening. I really like jogging around my neighborhood because lots of people are out at night and you can say hello and strike up some smalltalk.
    -I enjoy computers: custom building and repairing. LOVE to hand-code computer languages (screw "WYSIWYG" programs ).

    -On the weekends I enjoy going out with a crowd, having drinks (cranberry + vodka ftw), and hitting my favorite nightclub.
    -Love to dance: Mostly Spanish music such as Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and if I'm really drunk, some Reggaeton >_<. I also enjoy dancing to some hip-hop & R&B. When a good track comes on, I make it rain on the dance floor (then again I'm under the influence of alcohol ... I'm probably terrible >_>).

    That's pretty much it. I enjoy working for my money, and I enjoy having a good time with good people

    Currently Reading:
    Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Gantz, Medaka Box, Beelzebub, Soul Eater, Claymore, Ao no Exorcist

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    Im trapped in Kakashis Kamui jutsu with Deidaras arm
    im cool/easy going

    I do play Basketball but i dont call myself a jock, i skate(skateboard not rollerblades)
    I like playing games in my free time but also like doing stuff with my friends like swimming or just hanging out.
    Im in my last year of school and still dont know exactly what im gonna do afterwards.

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    Beer and Music
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    The Lone Star State
    im pretty outgoing/laid back/and sort of a party animal and can drink beer n alcohol like no other.

    as shocking as this may seem, although im a member in a manga forum website, i dont really read manga at all, just friday's when new stuff is released, other than that, nothing. I spend my time alone making music, helping people with certain fills (guitar,bass,drums,keyboard fills), drawing, listening to music(then again, im ALWAYS listening to music, poor ears of mine) and watch movies, i play games SOMETIMES..poor ps3 n 360, i play with my ds alot more. I like going out with friends, im kind of a movie addict, my AMC rewards card has more than 9,000 points (literally, its around 46,500 points) I SHOULD OWN AMC!
    i like to party and get wasted, have casual sex with chicks & (....) i also like going to concerts and meeting bands. i love football and soccer. i go out with my friends(guys) to play football and soccer at the park, and basketball at the gym. I've been working out since i was in 4th grade, so i got muscle. i like having my house clean, my lady happy, and my friends chill and like my friends say.."every party needs a Hugo(me)"

    im also the type of person to have latest gadgets and such, so i have around 12 backup phones, my latest phone is a mytouch from t-mobile. im kind of a collector as well, shoes,shirts, mainly CD's and Vinyls, mostly signed by bands.

    currently started University of Houston and amateur MMA fighting, at a local fighting gym. and its alot of fun. to kick ass while having respect towards one another and the pride to win and get better, amazing rush as well.

    another thing..before the local six flags was closed down in houston(texas) i would go to six flags as much as i go to the movies, sort of a rollercoasteraddict.

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