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On the other hand, they could also mix up the story by showing Pain's entire back story before his attack. That could explain the unnecessary spate of fillers, having to wait for the entire back story to complete in the manga. I'm not sure how to feel about that if it happened.
Na, the events unfolded the way they did for a reason. If Pain's backstory were to be told first, then his conversion wouldn't be as epic.

There's yet another possibility I was thinking, what if it's just the story of Jiraiya's book animated with the Naruto-like character in it? just like how the kakashi gaiden was animated, this could be used as a reference for future revelations.

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e s p a d a
LMFAO. ty for givin me a good laugh.

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hahahah! you damn right about that,..

Well, it's going to be an amazing end of 2009, if they keep it up like they're doing now..