Ok, so judging from the large amount of people that posted in the 360 tournament thread, I think I can safely assume there are many 360 users in this forum.
So I got thinking, is there anyone in these forums that is as big an achievement whore as me? I have my gamertag in my sig, so I'm going to make a little game, and it goes as follows:
1st you put your gamertag
2nd you put your current gamerscore
3rd you put the achievement that you found most difficult to get
4th you put your favorite achievement (for whatever reason)

Pretty simple, but I think it's going to be interesting!
To start off the game and give an example, I will go first =]

Gamertag: Cerebaton
Gamerscore: 37,439
Hardest: For the Motherland (CoD: WaW, Completed 'Heart of the Reich' on Veteran difficulty.)
Favorite: Mile High Club (CoD4, Sky dive to safety on Veteran difficulty)

Let the game begin!!