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    Guwaahh what's up with the fakeness? Oh well that's what Cobra gets for being an impostor.

    Damn, Marle is such a cheeky bitch. She needs to die.

    Overall, decent chapter: 3.5/5

    Quote Originally Posted by RogueDreamer View Post
    oh well, i did like the way most of action played out this chapter, though i didn't really get how that roar took out cobra . i thought cobra's magic could just hear your heart and thoughts, there was no indication that his regular hearing was amplified.
    I also thought the same. But I guess Cobra's heightened hearing was a natural ability. Natsu probably popped his eardrums + brain 0_0

    Quote Originally Posted by Shock View Post
    Whats so great about being a dragon slayer? They all seem to get beaten just as easily as regular guys... Why not give yourself some lachryma of something that will help your elemental affinity, like a lightning one for Luxus to make his lightning stronger or something
    That's not necessarily true. Natsu's unbeatable when he goes all out. Plus we've only seen what, three dragonslayers? We know Natsu's and Gazille's capabilities ... Wendy heals, but her toughness is questionable.

    Dragonslayers definitely are special. I mean, they're trained by dragons after all
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