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    Great, luffy arrives. Now, what is he going to do?

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    Seems like garp may have had a plan in effect to rescue ace.

    I wonder how deep into the battle luffy will land. I see him landing close to ace or whitebeard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by weepingcamel View Post
    Seems like garp may have had a plan in effect to rescue ace.

    I wonder how deep into the battle luffy will land. I see him landing close to ace or whitebeard.
    I was expecting the same lol. I see him landing right in the plaza in front of ace. It should be like that lol, i mean, it's luffy's stupid luck. ^^

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    It looks like a great chapter this week. Three things:
    - Yes, Whitebeard is no joke, taking down a giant by himself.
    - Akaniu is ruthless, killing the marines who ran away from the battle.
    - Luffy is back! But we well have to wait unitl next week to see what he does.

    "AAAGGHHHHH!!!! Oh, wait I'm made of rubber, I'll be fine."

    That is so luffy!

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    The only way i can see luffy kicking ass is seeing ace executed as soon as he gets there making he think he couldn't save ace like he couldn't save his nakama from kuma and his haki explodes out of him, showing us how awesome the kings desposition can be.

    Besides that possibly happening, i can only see him making boa stop attacking the pirates and just the marines and maybe now that both of his grandsons are here, garp will finally take action. Luffy will probably make moria crap his pants though. Who would've thought that the 2nd in commands df would be so funny....

    Right now i can only see luffy having this as a growing situation like coby and helmeppo will get out of this

    This confirms to me that garp is a major badass if he makes sengoku uneasy and ready to fight while WB is supposedly going along according to sengokus plan, and he's all calm about it
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    this chapters are just to good
    reading manga and condorito

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    One Piece

    Additional Pics are added in the Spoiler Page

    Buggy has a decision to make, whether he will save ace or he will fight against whitebeard!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond Agustin View Post
    Haha, another good one! I can't wait for the next one already!
    I want to see the reaction on Boa's face when she sees Luffy.

    Thanks popoy!
    Quote Originally Posted by sotinom View Post
    this chapters are just to good
    Give props in here. Not in the spoiler thread
    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    If Pow wrote the manga it would be accurate as fuck lol. I stand behind Pow(while humping his leg) on this one.
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