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Were the german/austrian cases on the news in the US? Of kidnapped girls who were kept as sex slaves, for decades and more. A very disgusting case in austria where the father kept his daughter as a sex slave, had kids with her (some died, others NEVER saw the sunlight). It was just last year, the process was this year... Joseph Fritzl. In case you want to read more about it: link
Glad you mentioned this case, and the tragedy is great indeed, and their stories need to be heard. But it seems you miss the point.

Why do you think that news media all over the world are gripped by this case, whether it's the BBC, Australian media, Africa etc? Is it perhaps because of the uniqueness of the Girl turning up alive after so long? We hardly ever hear of children kidnapped by strangers, (much less by a criminal) being found alive after 18 years.

You may not get it Zidane, but it seems many many other people do. This story is going to grip the public imagination for weeks to come, and prompt for more action to protect these children.

It is certainly very much worth talking about.