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    Missing Girl (woman) found, 18 years later.,2704352.story

    Eighteen years after she was abducted, the young girl (now 29yrs) has been found. What a MAD MAD world.

    At least she wasn't killed.

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    Inner self: "No sh!t? Well, shes alive ain't she? That ain't so bad. But yo 18 years?!!!!!"
    Outer self: Lol. She didn't die. Lol. Well, cheers! Merry Christmas. Are you dead yet?
    Btw, why was she kidnapped anyway? No ransom whatever? She got lost or something?

    Nevermind. Didn't see the link. I had 3-4 hours of sleep. G'night cruel world.

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    What a big news. Good for her. Go read the stats on the starving people in the world, now that's kinda more disturbing than an individual case like that. But that's just me I guess.

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