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    just had a look at the ep last night and it was awesome 2 c. It's amazing how sasuke has gone with his training as well as deildra. It's interesting how the backtrack the story line 2 how deildra began his track with the akastuki.
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    I've stated this before in another thread. Take a look at Episode 71 of Naruto pre-time skip. There's a sequence at the beginning where Sasuke is chasing Garaa and co through the forest. This set piece was never actually in the manga. The quality is really poor. Then it goes to the rooftop of the exams stadium where Sandaime is fighting Orochimaru, Shodaime and Nidaime and the quality is suddenly restored. Now since this is an anime fight there are little bits that never happened in the manga and its easy to tell which because the level of detail dips and rises continuously during the fight. Other fights were this happens are the Battle of VotE and Team 10 vs Hidan & Kakuzu. It may have happened elsewhere but in these three fights it's quite obvious if you know where to pay attention.
    Thank you for the input. Great to see that some people aren't blind in this world.

    Naruto's standards have drastically dropped since its prime years. There's no argument. Look at this PoS.

    It's pretty frustrating because Naruto as a series is really great. But with all the corporate interests behind it you can tell that they've started using another cheaper, animation cast to do the job. That or they're assholes who enjoy pissing people like me off.
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