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    I'm agree if jiraiya sama is dead...
    Eventhough its a great lost of a great character...
    But if the dead of jiraiya will make the naruto plot better...
    I think its a equal....

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    i think he will die or atleast will be the 3rd time he almost died.........i hope we see him fight good vs origami fan and pein (admiral lightning-bolt's brother in-law)

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    JIRAYA will not die. I think some of you give Pein to much credit. He must be a genius but not stronger than Jiraya more like equal.

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    Jiraiya can't die because he's awesome :O

    Club Frog ftw! Shows that he is a really good ninja

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    jiraya will survive... hez a great perveted sannin... sure survive...

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    it would be hard to see jiraya die, but if he does, then i hope its from an epic battle between pein and jiraya.

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    I don't think so he knows too much for dying ... I think he's going to have a huge fight and get really!!! really!!! but really hurt

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    i don't think he's gonna die, badly hurt maybe

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    The writing is on the wall, so I can understand why a lot of people choose not to read it.

    Jiraya is beyond a splendid ninja. He was the council's first choice to be the fifth Hokage for a reason. To be honest, I believe that Jiraya is actually stronger than Oro. I know he couldn't beat him, but that is likely due to not being willing to go all out on someone he cared about. I seriously doubt the feeling was mutual when Oro left Konoha. His true ablilities and skills look to be showcased very shortly in the manga...

    ...that being said, he will not make it back to Konoha.

    Pein...I don't know much about this guy. None of us do. But I do know that if you're in an organization like Akatsuki and you have never been defeated before...that's pretty major. I mean, from what we know of Itachi, his ambition is to test his abilities. If he joins a group like Akatsuki and is faced with a nin that hasn't known defeat, don't you think a challenge would be made at some point?

    What does that mean? Dare I make the assumption that Pein and Itachi may have had a little match-up at some point or another and that Pein won? Yes, yes I do.

    The unknown of Pein aside, Jiraya is in enemy outnumbered and we have Madara wandering around as well. For Jiraya to find out what he is bound to discover fighting Pein and Konan and THEN make it back to Konoha doesn't seem to be in Madara's best interest...

    ...on the bright side, Jiraya's passing is bound to get Naruto to the next level and possibly beyond.

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    jiraya wont die! realy... he wont die at all! xD i know!!!! i juz know! so. he wont die!

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