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    Matisyahu new album: Light

    Today's the official day of release of the new album of Matisyahu, an American singer who converted to Hassidic Judaism. His music is a mix of reggae, ragga, some rap, some rock... I would say he's just creating a new variation of reggae. He became worldwide known thanks to his single King without a crown, but he already have a bunch of powerful songs in his previous works (songs like Youth, Close my eyes or Time of your song).

    Anyway, here's the DDL link for the new album: Light.

    Here's the song of the new single (One Day) for those who don't want to download the album:

    All his previous works can be easily found on Spotify, Ares, Google, etc.

    Check it out..

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    ooh thanks, i really like the single.
    whats the bitrate on these songs?

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    Thanks for the info damnz. I have been following his career for a while now since I caught him performing at a small venue...he is waaaay better live. Just hope this album is better than the other studio album.

    Edit: checked out the single. I thought it was pretty good; still a bit over-produced though.

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    Fucking love Matisyahu, will deffo check it out.

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