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    Quote Originally Posted by Jodyjo the Great View Post
    lol ace just might be king of the pirates

    the similaritys are uncanny

    It seems as Flamingo can use threads to cut shit up too. I knew he was going to go mad and go kill things XD. The showing of the toungue last chap signified that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Death View Post
    I swear if your theories were any dumber I would be retarded...

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    howly shidd!!!

    wtf is that!? he can mutilated that huge dude without touching it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cross777 View Post
    dude i head from another spoil site that these pics were fake and not to look to hard into them idk im just passing it on im not trying to get in to a fight with any one im just passing on what i read ok
    if you are referring to this thread ( you are reading the biggest troll ever done...

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    Original text by Nja:
    タイトル オーズと笠 扉絵はナミで空島からウェザーリポート

    巨人の海兵達も 見下ろしながらの戦闘は何度もしているが見上げながらの戦闘は初めてだな
    芳香脚 で次々に石化されたやつらが粉々とかにされていく
    海軍兵 海軍を敵にまわすのか~!?
    ハンコック 白ひげと戦う事には承諾したが男は全員敵 あの方 を除いては
          それはわかっていただきたい 私の美しさで免じて ドン!!(うひょ~)
    海軍兵  何だと~ハア ハア w

    白ひげ しょうがねえやつだなお前は死にたがりと勇者は違うんだぞ~
    オーズJr わかってくだせえ~一刻もはやくエースくんを助けてえんだ!
    白ひげがオーズを援護してやれ と部下にいうが的が大きすぎて集中砲火をくらいまくるオーズ
    しかし進み広場前まで来るが 熊の衝撃 をクマーから喰らいボロボロになるJr
    なりながらみるJr ここからオーズとエースの回想へ
    エース お前は太陽に近いから笠をやるよ!!
    脇役  自分は火なのに2度も燃やしながら作った笠だ大事にしろよ~
    それから 雨の日顔にかからない~雪の日もポツンと座り 雪が積もらない~

    オーズ 倒れるが腕を伸ばしエースをつかもうとするが
    影男が ドフラのやろう俺が死体をもらうっていったのに足斬りやがって!!
    影で作ったくそ長い槍をオーズの心の臓を突き刺し オーズ絶命した所で 完






    translation by Aohige_Ap:
    Nja spoilers
    Title: Oars and kasa
    coverstory: Nami's weather report in sky island
    (kasa is a type of buddhist hat)

    The story starts out with Oars rampaging through the marines.
    He's about to break through their defence line.
    The giant marines say how they usually fight looking down, they've never fought looking UP
    They charge in to Oars Jr, but can't stop him.

    Oars breaks through their defences, and the pirates follow him into the bay
    The first pirates to break through charges at Hancock, but she turns them all into stone
    She attacks with Aroma Kicks (Nja didn't provide with furigana, so we don't know what the
    move is really called, Aroma Kick is from the kanji)
    And the stoned pirates shatter into pieces.
    However, some marines got caught in the fray and shattered as well.
    Marines are questioning if she's going to turn against them.
    Hancock replies, she agreed to fight Whitebeard, but you men are all still my enemies.
    Well, other than "that man". You have to realize that. Forgive me... for my beauty.
    Marines become lovelydovey

    The unstoppable Oars comes right next to Whitebeard
    Whitebeard advises him that bravery and wanting to die is a different thing.
    Oars Jr asks him (politely) to understand him, he just wants to save Ace as soon as possible

    Whitebeard orders his men to support Oars, but Oars takes focused fire by the marines due to his size
    Still he gets to the square where Ace is held, but Kuma attacks him with Ursa Shock, and Oars is badly damaged.
    He has a huge kasa on his back, but that falls onto the sea.
    Oars stairs at it, as the scene goes to flashback....

    Ace: Because you're closer to the sun, I'll give you this kasa!
    Ace's crew: Because he's fire, he burned this thing up twice while attempting to make it... take care of it!
    The kasa kept him from getting wet in rain, and stopped snow from gathering around him.

    Oars gets back on his feet, to save the gentle hearted Ace
    To at least take out one Shichibukai....
    He attacks DoFlamingo, but DoFlamingo casually dodges it, and flies up in the sky.
    He jumps to around Oars Jr's head, then cuts off his right leg. (with a powerful unseen string?)
    Oars falls down, but he tries to reach out to grab Ace
    Moria: Damn that bastard Doflamingo!! I told him I wanted his corpse, but he goes and cuts off his leg!!
    He creates a long spear made of shadow, and stabs Oars in the heart.

    The chapter ends as Oars Jr die.

    First part is all Hancock ruleeeeezzzzz
    Second half is all Noooooooo OARSSSSsssssss
    follow-up by Nja

    Whether Oars died or not isn't clear

    Hancock is trashing enemies up, but the only parts that's shattering are the parts that got stoned. There's some pirates and marines still talking as their right arm is crumbling, so it's not clear if they are dead.

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    actually the spoilers turned out to be real. Nja spoilers are out read them at Spoilers thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jodyjo the Great View Post
    lol ace just might be king of the pirates

    the similaritys are uncanny
    Actually the similarities are still better between Luffy and the Roger.

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    This chapter sounds sweet, can't wait to see the Giant squad try to fight Oars.

    Yet another chapter without our dimwitted hero, I wonder how long till Luffy's ship gets there, you know as soon as he sees something it's gonna be Gomu-Gomu no Rocket time. It's kinda strange that OP, Naruto and Bleach all have the action away from their main characters all at the same time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by One Piece View Post
    zomg he's a reverse buggy ;p
    Actually I think it seems more likely it's something like a string-string man <_<. As dumb as that sounds it would explain his ability to control others like puppets and also cut someone with a string.

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    no his abillity is puppeteir,i heard it somewhere when iwas watching the anime

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    dang chapter sounds awesome with more info now, lemme guess oars dies and then ace goes berserk with fire

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